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This 18 piece card stock flower and leaf template set is perfect for beginner and advanced quilt makers alike. Beautiful floral designs the easy way, perfect shapes every time. Simply trace card stock templates with the water-soluble marker included in set, then cut out. Window templates and paper piecing templates give you a multitude of combination choices for beautiful quilt designs. Purchase at this price now, this is a limited time offer.

Template Sizes:

Leaf (large) 9x4cm / Inches 3.5” x 1.5”

Leaf (medium) 7.8x3.5cm /Inches 3” x 1.37”

Leaf (small) 5.2 x 2.5cm /Inches 2” x 0.98”

Flowers (large) 8.5cm / Inches 3.34”, 7.5 cm / Inches 2.9”, 7.3cm / Inches 2.87”

Flowers (medium) 6.3cm / Inches 2.48”, 5cm / 1.96”

Flower (small) 4.8cm / Inches 1.88”, 3.8cm /Inches 1.49”

Round (large) 1.9cm / Inches 0.74”

Round (small) 1.3cm / Inches 0.51”

  • 18 piece flower template set for quilters
  • Water-soluble marker - disappearing ink
  • Makes perfect shapes every time
  • Window and paper piecing templates
  • Reusable made of card stock so sturdy edges for tracing
  • Mix and match for multiple design combinations
  • Well designed
  • Time saving